The Causes of Weak Content and Treatment Solutions

Miscarriage is often a frightening thing for all women who are pregnant. Indication of miscarriage for one more time can be a problem of defective abnormality or weak content despite having received treatment of recurrent miscarriage. If you have experienced this then it is difficult for women to be able to do a quick way to get pregnant naturally. Even some women also can not quickly get pregnant after long marriage even though only one miscarriage. The doctor may say if the content is weak so it is difficult to keep the fetus growing until it can enter the labor process. The following are the causes of very common weakness problems; The problem of uterine deformity is a problem that often leads to miscarriage or premature birth. Generally, a normal uterus has a length of about 7.5 cm, in 2.5 cm and 5 cm wide. If imagined then the uterus shaped like a pair that turned. The lower part of the uterus is a line with the vagina called the cervix or the cervix. While the high part as the egg cell is fertilized by sperm cells is the fundus. Deformity of the uterus often causes fatal problems to develop, the fetus that dies in utero and causes infertility in women. To check the health of your uterine condition, you should consult with the best Doctor Obgyn from Singapore Women’s Clinics. This will give you a solution how to solve your uterine problem.


Here are the types of uterine abnormalities that often cause the weakness of the womb;

1. Unicornuate uterus

This disorder occurs when the size of the uterus is only half the size of a normal uterus and has only one fallopian tube channel. The process of this disorder occurs when women enter the stage of puberty and development of imperfect uterus. There are basically two parts of the ovary but there is only one channel to the uterus. Pregnancy with this uterine abnormality should get supervision from the doctor.

2. Rahim Didelphys

This disorder also includes a very rare type of uterine abnormality. So the uterus has a form there are two cavities on the inside. Each of these cavities has a channel to the vagina and cervix itself. So this woman has two vaginas and two cervices. Pregnancy can still occur but certainly, requires a harder effort.

3. Septate uterus

This disorder occurs when the inside of the uterus is divided by the septum of the muscle wall. The septum has a long size of the passage to the uterus and also the cervix. The condition of the uterus like this will cause difficult women to get pregnant or if pregnant then usually a more frequent miscarriage.

The cause of miscarriage due to weak content can also occur if there is a disorder of the thyroid system in the body. These disorders include hypothyroidism (too low thyroid work) and hyperthyroidism (too high thyroid disorder). This condition can cause pregnant women to miscarry and even recurrent miscarriage in an early trimester. This hormonal problem greatly affects the fertility of women. If the thyroid function is too low then it can cause hormones that suppress ovulation to be higher. Meanwhile, if the thyroid function is too high it can cause estrogen too high. The effect can cause internal bleeding and uterine damage. For teenagers, this disorder can be the cause of irregular menstruation.

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